Mixing it up: ‘Mixologiste’ to be stand-out trend

Expect 2014 to be an interesting year for beauty as the category continues to see increased innovation, blurring of the lines and cross-pollination.

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What does that mean? Perhaps research firm Mintel summed it up best by coining it a year of the “mixologiste.”

Multifunctionality isn’t exactly new to beauty, but what is bound to set 2014 apart is that it is being taken to new heights. Enter Mixologiste. Manufacturers now are taking cues from completely different categories to create new products and marketing; for example, BB creams migrating from facial makeup to hair care.

“Mixologiste is fast becoming the stand-out trend that spans all beauty and personal care categories. This is a key mega trend, in development for the last year or so, but we are set to see it really accelerate in 2014,” said Jane Henderson, global president of Mintel’s beauty and personal care division.

Furthermore, Mintel’s consumer research highlights the popularity of multifunctional makeup within the United States, with as many as 70% of females expressing an interest in multifunctional lip products and 65% showing interest in multifunctional facial coverage products — for example, those that combine the benefits of foundation and concealer.

In this beauty report, Drug Store News takes a closer look at some of the cross-pollination and innovation that will help fuel growth in 2014 within such segments as lip color, nail care and hair care, among others.

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