Mistic introduces gift sets for the holidays

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Mistic, a maker of electronic cigarettes, on Monday announced that Walmart has added Mistic's Ultimate Gift Set to store shelves across the nation.  

“We’re experiencing tremendous demand for our products as e-cigarettes continue to provide an innovative alternative to traditional tobacco,” John Wiesehan Jr., Mistic CEO said. “Walmart is all about saving money and living better, so as the leading provider of electronic cigarettes to the Walmart consumer, we believe the holidays are a great time to package significant value into our gift set.”

The gift set, valued at over $100, retails for $59.99 at most Walmart locations. Consumers have two gift set options: Traditional or Menthol. Both include the following:

  • Mistic 3 Starter Kit: two batteries, three cartridges, USB and wall charger;
  • 5-pack of American Blend (Traditional set) or Cool Ice (Menthol set);
  • 5-pack of 2.4% Traditional or Menthol;
  • Portable charging case;
  • Car charger

“This gift set is perfect for friends or relatives that smoke traditional cigarettes and may be looking to either stop or switch to a unique alternative,” Wiesehan said. “When consumers use our product, they expect exceptional taste, quality and value, and that is what we’ve achieved with this outstanding product for the holiday sales season.”


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