Missouri selects NPLEx e-tracking program to block PSE sales

WASHINGTON Missouri has selected the National Precursor Log Exchange to serve as its statewide, real-time electronic blocking system to stop illegal sales of medications containing pseudoephedrine, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association announced Monday.

“We are delighted that Missouri has joined Kentucky, Illinois and Louisiana as the fourth state in the nation to adopt NPLEx as its e-tracking program,” stated Linda Suydam, CHPA president. “This system offers an effective solution to reducing meth labs and is the only solution that works across state lines to stop meth cooks from crossing borders to make illegal purchases.”

NPLEx is a real time, electronic tracking system that blocks illegal purchases of PSE store by store, city by city, and state by state to prevent meth cooks from illegal purchases, the Association stated. Sheriffs in Kentucky report that e-tracking leads to up to 70% of its meth lab busts. In a Florida pilot project, e-tracking reduced illegal sales by more than 90%.

The state action comes as some of its local municipalities are considering making PSE-containing medicines available only with a doctor’s prescription. A recent survey, conducted by David Binder Research, showed that more than half of Missouri voters surveyed oppose making common cold and allergy medications containing PSE available by prescription only, and 78% agree that an Rx-only requirement would create an “unnecessary burden” for law-abiding citizens.

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