Mission teams up with all-star Carmelo Anthony, unveils new Power Grip

NEW YORK — Mission Athletecare, a line of skin care products geared toward athletes, has announced a new partnership with all-star Carmelo Anthony and unveiled the launch of the new Power Grip, Anthony's signature product that aims to give athletes a competitive edge.

Sweaty hands pose serious problems for athletes, not just in basketball but also in any sport that depends on an athlete’s ability to maintain a strong grip on a ball, stick or racket. Applying a few drops of Power Grip to their hands delivers instant and sustained dry grip. Mission’s proprietary “liquid chalk technology” is designed to work immediately to give athletes a better grip.

“When your hands are wet, your grip is slippery — and that can lead to a ton of problems for your game,” Anthony said. “Ask any athlete: sweaty hands can mean all the difference with a shot, a pass, a block and, most importantly, your confidence. Nothing else has worked in the past. The chalk is messy, and is really just for show, and wiping your wet hands on wet shorts doesn’t help either. Power Grip changes all that.”

“The data speaks for itself,” added Mark French, president of the Mission basketball division. “A Pace University survey of [more than] 50 college and high school coaches showed that [more than] 80% of coaches have players who are negatively impacted by lack of hand grip due to sweat accumulation on their hands. That’s a huge problem for teams and athletes at all levels of play, and Power Grip delivers the solution.”

Mission’s proprietary formula was developed and tested over the last six months, honing the product’s ability to improve grip at the very highest levels of athletic performance. Powder, chalk and towels only offer temporary relief, and often create secondary problems: they leave dust and dirt on the floor that can lead to slips and injury. Power Grip allows athletes to avoid those challenges, and comes in a pocket-size applicator for easy-to-use portability and convenience.

Led by a group of world-class athletes, including Serena Williams, David Wright, Georges St-Pierre and Mia Hamm, among others, the company is pioneering a new category in the sports industry, called Athletecare.

Today, Mission has more than 25 product innovations in its portfolio and is sold in nearly 10,000 stores across the United States, including CVS/pharmacy.

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