Mission Pharmacal Company Introduces Two New Innovative Spray Products
Mission Pharmacal Company has developed two zinc-oxide sprays that are poised to set the environmental standard for aerosol performance – Dr. Smith’s® Diaper Rash Spray and Dr. Smith’s Rash+Skin® Spray. Mission Pharmacal used Honeywell Solstice® Propellant, one of the most environmentally preferable aerosol technologies available today, to bring to market these new products. The products offer touch-free application for ease and comfort when treating uncomfortable skin irritations such as diaper rash, incontinence-associated dermatitis and other skin irritations in babies, adults and seniors. The spray requires no rubbing in and sprays in place for effective treatment. With the introduction of the two spray products, Mission Pharmacal has expanded its trusted Dr. Smith’s® brand. Both are also available in an ointment. Dr. Smith’s® is a registered trademark of Mission Pharmacal Company.

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