Misfit Wearables launches next-generation Shine activity tracker

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Misfit Wearables is teeing up a revolutionary activity tracking device — the Misfit Shine — that's constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, is waterproof and is able to wirelessly sync activity data to a smartphone without the need for a Bluetooth connection. 

"The Shine is an activity tracker that's smart, elegant and really strong," noted Misfit Wearables CEO Sonny Vu. "Because it's made of solid metal, transmitting wirelessly is almost impossible. But to keep things simple, we developed a new type of wireless sync technology — all you have to do is place the Shine on your smartphone."

Retailing for a suggested $99, the new product launch has already caught the attention of gizmo wonks like Peter Ha at Gizmodo, who profiled the quarter-sized product in a Nov. 14 writeup. "You might not have ever heard of Misfit Wearables but you'll want to pay attention starting now that its first gadget has made its debut," Ha wrote. 

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