Mirixa announces launch of MirixaPro 2.3 MTM program for pharmacists

RESTON, Va. The Mirixa Corporation announced today that more than 70,000 Medication Therapy Management patient services have been delivered within its national pharmacy network since its launch in June 2006.

The company also announced the launching of its MirixaPro 2.3 product, which is a MTM program that is available in more than 80 percent of U.S. pharmacies and is used to help health plan members maximize their pharmacy benefit.

“Thousands of patients each week now receive services from their primary care pharmacist in the Mirixa network addressing medication safety issues, and identifying cost-saving opportunities,” said Eric Zimmerman, chief innovation officer and general manager of Mirixa Clinical. “Armed with the latest version of MirixaPro, pharmacists have new tools to empower their patients to make good decisions about their medications,” says Zimmerman. “When consumers make smart, informed health care choices, everyone wins,” he added.

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