Mintel reports consumers' perception on wine consumption

CHICAGO — Health experts have addressed the benefits of drinking wine to boost overall health, and it seems that most consumers are taking notice.

New research by Mintel found that 85% of consumers believed moderate wine consumption is beneficial to overall health, while 87% of wine drinkers believed red wine in moderation can be good for your heart, compared with the almost half (44%) who believed the same about white wine. What's more, 74% of wine drinkers agreed with the statement that drinking wine in moderation is better for your health than drinking beer in moderation, Mintel said.

Consumers also are more likely to drink wine during the holiday season; sixty-six percent of wine drinkers said they frequently drink wine on holidays and special occasions at home.

"Wine consumption increases around the holidays, as does the average amount spent on a bottle," said Garima Goel Lal, Mintel senior analyst, noting that the average amount spent for a special occasion or holiday party is about $26.71 per bottle.

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