Mintel: beauty manufacturers tapping into public desire for ethical cosmetics

CHICAGO Beauty manufacturers are riding the natural and ethical wave with new launches that focus on the environment, animal safety and human rights, suggests recent research from Mintel Global.

According to the data from the Mintel Global New Products Database Cosmetic Research, more than 2,800 ethical cosmetic and skin care products were launched in the United States last year. In just the first five months of 2008, more than 1,800 new ethical beauty products have appeared on retail shelves.

“Beauty manufacturers have tapped into natural and ethical claims as a way to differentiate their products,” stated Nica Lewis, senior analyst at Mintel. “With ‘green living’ a hot issue for many Americans, companies have begun to highlight their use of natural ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging.”

The report found that cruelty-free is the most widely made ethical claim in new U.S. beauty products. In 2007, nearly 1,600 beauty and personal care products were introduced with a “cruelty-free” claim. In Mintel’s consumer research, 2-in-5 American women said they look for beauty products that were not tested on animals.

The organic trend in food has fueled the inclusion of natural contents in beauty products. The research found that 35 percent of American women surveyed cited natural ingredients as influential to their purchase decisions.

In addition, 12 percent of women cited recycled packaging as important to their beauty purchasing decision.

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