Mineralogie adopts eco-friendly practices

DALLAS Mineral-based cosmetics company Mineralogie is going green with new biodegradable packaging, rotating “work from home” hours and other eco-friendly practices.

“It’s essential for our industry and others to embrace eco-friendly solutions, and we feel that our healthy approach to cosmetics, combined with our corporate responsibility create a beautiful company,” stated Mary Van, owner.

The company has created new biodegradable packaging for its entire line. By 2008, its packaging will utilize 100 percent organic and/or recycled materials. Some of the packaging is made from corn, other boxes and product wraps are made from recycled papers that come from sustainable tree farms.

Mineralogie utilizes recycled packaging and boxes for shipments whenever possible, as well as milo grain biodegradable peanuts.

In addition, the company rotates “work from home” hours for employees to reduce car emissions. To reduce air pollution, the company has switched to Green Mountain Energy as its electricity provider. It buys recycled papers and reuses scrap paper at the office as note pads.

In addition, the light bulbs in the office are energy-efficient, and the company has purchased additional energy-efficient bulbs for employees to take home.

Going forward, the company plans to have 100 percent biodegradable product containers.

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