MillerCoors uses clothes hangers to market beer to female drinkers

NEW YORK SABMiller and MolsonCoors are preparing to launch the new beer, MGD 64, this fall with a campaign targeting women—especially those who watch their waistlines.

After giving original Miller Genuine Draft a reformulation so that it contains just 64 calories, the beer makers are driving ads towards female consumers by plastering them on clothes hangers in dry cleaners in Portland, Ore., and Seattle.

The ad campaign works with hanger company EcoHanger, which manufactures 100 percent recycled hangers. The dry cleaning locations have been using these hangers since July, but starting in the fall they will have signage with MGD 64’s slogan “64 calories is a light beer—a perfect fit.”

Hanger Network of New York, an advertising group, will distribute eco-friendly hangers with ads to around 35,000 dry cleaners in various markets across the United States.

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