MilkSplash to debut in select Target stores

CONCORD, N.C. —  S&D Beverage Innovations, a division of S&D Coffee, a custom coffee roaster and blender of iced tea for the food service industry, announced the introduction of MilkSplash, a new milk flavoring for parents who want their kids to drink more milk and make health-conscious beverage choices.

MilkSplash will launch this week in select Target stores and will debut at Walmart and other retailers in April. The product comes in flavors like Cocoa Loco, Sir Strawberry Swirl, Orange Cream Dream, Cookies 'N Cream and Jammin' Banana.

"We created MilkSplash to give kids lots of wonderful options to flavor their milk because research shows nearly 7-in-10 kids drink more milk when it's — and we know that kids need to drink more milk," said Dr. Maya Zuniga, director of product innovation at S&D. "With milk consumption declining for decades, many children miss out on the recommended amount of milk and its essential nutrients, including three that are of most concern — calcium, vitamin D and potassium."

Each bottle of MilkSplash makes at least 24 servings and requires a squeeze and a stir to turn white milk into a kid-friendly treat, the company said.

"It's time to shake things up and add variety, delicious flavors and cute characters that will get kids excited about milk and flavoring it their way," said John Buckner, VP marketing at S&D, who is overseeing the MilkSplash launch. "Our dream is to have kids say to moms, 'May I have some more milk please?'"


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