MidWest introduces new line of Disney's 'Cars' products

CHILLICOTHE, Mo. MidWest Gloves and Gear has introduced a new line of products for its exclusive licensed line of Disney's "Cars" garden gloves and gear for boys.

The new MidWest Disney Cars garden gloves and gear products include:

  • Leather palm and jersey garden gloves;
  • Watering can;
  • Tool box;
  • Garden bucket;
  • Garden sack;
  • Garden tool belt;
  • Kneeling pad; and
  • Garden trowel and cultivator

The fun-filled Disney's "Cars" garden gloves and gear for little boys feature "Cars" graphics, and the distinctive red color with multicolored "Cars" graphics and feature logo accents.

For more information, visit MidWestGlove.com.

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