MetaboLife launches two-stage weight-management program

NEW YORK MetaboLife on Tuesday unveiled its national “You Deserve” advertising and marketing campaign to herald its new, two-stage weight management program.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, including diet, nutrition and exercise, the program highlights the newly reformulated MetaboLife Ultra, which contains ingredients clinically-tested to assist with healthy weight loss by reducing body fat and curbing appetite, as well as four other weight management products.

“Our primary goal is to convey the message that MetaboLife gives you the help you need to lose weight and maintain your success to get the life you desire … and deserve,” stated Niki Simoneaux, director of brand marketing for MetaboLife. “The campaign focuses on positioning MetaboLife as a weight-management program that make sense in today’s fast-paced world while recognizing that most people need a little help in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. Plus, it’s effective, convenient and easy-to-use.”

As part of the advertising and marketing campaign, MetaboLife created MLifeSupport, a section of its new web site and an online community support system to help customers achieve their goals. The new site offers support and guidance, allows users to share success stories and get encouragement from peers, get advice from experts, organize goals, plan healthy meals using the recipe section and obtain fitness tips from weight management experts.

“Our message is very straightforward: MetaboLife is all new and features a revolutionary, easy-to-use two-stage program that includes five products, online support and an online community to help you lose weight,” Simoneaux said.

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