Mercy Nutraceuticals expands distribution of vitamin-enriched hangover drink

NEW YORK — Mercy Nutraceuticals announced today expanded distribution of a caffeine-free, vitamin- and amino acid-enriched drink the company says helps prevent hangovers.

Mercy is sold at groceries, restaurants, hotels and bars in New York City, New Jersey and Florida and is expanding to the San Francisco Bay area, Massachusetts, Rhode Island as well as Southern New Hampshire.

Mercy is a caffeine-free, non-alcoholic beverage that helps prevent hangovers with a combination of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, the company stated. Mercy launched in 2011 after eight years of research and development. And while the product offers uniquely high levels of vitamins, the company recommends that consumers drink Mercy as their last beverage of the evening to make their next day both pleasant and productive.

The announcement of a distribution expansion comes in conjunction with Mercy being featured in the "Annual 100 Brilliant Companies" by Entrepreneur magazine, which lists ideas, people and technologies on the cutting edge of business.

"I am proud that Entrepreneur magazine has recognized Mercy's innovation in the beverage category. As a new company it's incredibly important to distinguish ourselves by creating the most effective product with quality ingredients and benefits. With a first-mover advantage in the hangover prevention space, we are excited to launch additional functional product offerings in 2013," said Mercy Nutraceuticals CEO David Racicot.

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