Merck starts Alzheimer's drug trial

'EPOCH' trial to enroll up to 1,700 patients in late stage

WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J. — Merck has started a clinical trial that it hopes will eventually enroll 1,700 patients to evaluate an experimental drug for Alzheimer's disease, the company said.

Merck announced the start of "EPOCH," a combined phase-2 and phase-3 study of the drug MK-8931, a 78-week trial in which patients will take either the drug in the 12-mg, 40-mg or 60-mg doses or placebo.

"Merck is committed to advancing the understanding and treatment of Alzheimer's disease," Merck Research Labs SVP and head of neuroscience and ophthalmology Darryle Schoepp said. "As the global health and financial burden of Alzheimer's disease grows, innovative research is critically needed, and we need to accelerate this research wherever possible."

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- 8:50 PM
Serenity says

Hopefully, this innovation will be pursued. It will surely be the solution to Alzheimer's disease that are affecting older peoples. - Brenda Lee Reed

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