Men's Health magazine lists pharmacists among 'health detectives'

Article affirms pharmacists' key role in health care, NACDS head says

NEW YORK — A new article in Men's Health magazine gives tips on how men can find alternatives to seeing their doctors about health problems, and those alternatives include pharmacists.

The article, "The Health Detectives," explains how pharmacists can provide means to help diagnose and prevent disease, such as blood pressure checks, testosterone level checks and services like medication therapy management. Other health professionals recommended include dentists, optometrists and massage therapists.

"The article is right on when it comes to describing pharmacists as 'health detectives' because these professionals can help patients take the mystery out of health and wellness," National Association of Chain Drug Stores president and CEO Steven Anderson said. "NACDS' research shows that the more patients learn about new and innovative community pharmacy services, the more they appreciate the role of pharmacies as the face of neighborhood health care and as partners with physicians and others. The echo chamber seems to be getting louder and louder when it comes to the value of community pharmacy, and that recognition is vital as emerging delivery models take shape."


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