Men’s Health Network, Abbott underscore health issues through T-Talk Tune-Up campaign

NEW YORK — A new survey indicated that almost 70% of men have an easier time taking care of their cars than their own health.

The survey of 501 men ages 45 to 65 years, which was commissioned by the Men’s Health Network and drug maker Abbott, also found that more than 40% would be more likely to address car issues than health issues, while 28% don’t visit the doctor regularly, and 56% said they were more worried about their spouse’s health than their own.

The survey is part of the T-Talk Tune-Up campaign, launched by the Men’s Health Network and Abbott, to raise awareness of men’s health issues, led by racing champion Terry Labonte and health expert Harry Fisch.

“For many men, tuning up our cars is easier than getting checkups for our health,” Labonte said. “With the help of my wife, Kim, I began to think about my body and my health in the same way I think about the care of my cars. As a result, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment and a series of tests to help stay on top of my health.”

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