Meijer's prenatal vitamins Rx program fills 1 millionth prescription

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Meijer's free prenatal vitamins prescription program filled its 1 millionth prescription this week, the company announced Wednesday.

The retailer said that its program, which launched in May 2008, has garnered nearly $14 million in savings to Midwest families. The Meijer free prenatal vitamins program offers such brands as TriAdvance, Trinatal GT, Trinatal Ultra, Vol-Nate, Vol-Plus and Vol-Tab, and enables any customer, regardless of insurance or copay, to have his or her prenatal prescription filled free of charge.

"Meijer has always been a strong advocate for safe and healthy families, and we're very proud to offer a program that works to ensure the health of an expectant mother and her child," Meijer co-chairman and CEO Hank Meijer said. "In addition, offering free prenatal vitamins helps Midwest families cope with rising healthcare costs, complementing the many other ways families can save money throughout our stores."

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