Meijer updates databasing technology with aid from QuantiSense

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. Meijer grocery and general merchandise business has announced that it will build onto its current business intelligence systems by adding QuantiSense data tools.

The tools will help Meijer with improved information fathering, sorting and storage operations, reports said. Meijer will also have more support to for interaction between parts of their IT working on operations and also their business team to better execute strategy decisions, the company has said.  

Meijer is first integrating QuantiSense tools into its merchandising staff and will then roll out the system to executive management reporting, consumer insight groups and supply chain services, the company said. The tools help staff by monitoring dashboards which evaluate performance data.

Meijer also currntly uses the QuantiSense Developing Your Playbook for technology and management consulting services.

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