Meijer, NuVal sponsor weight-loss competition

Competition draws 60,000 team members across five states

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A weight-loss competition sponsored by mass merchandise retailer Meijer and nutritional scoring company NuVal is enlisting 60,000 team members who will compete for $15,000 in prize money over three months.

Meijer said Thursday the Nu-Me Weight Loss Challenge would incentivize the team members from across the five states the retailer serves with $1,000 grand prizes for one team in each of eight divisions — those divisions being Northern, Mid-Michigan, Eastern, Western, Central and Southern regions, as well as supply chain and corporate divisions. Meijer operates 199 stores in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. Meijer has used the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System in its stores since 2009; the system scores foods and beverages based on various nutrients and other nutritional factors.

"Health and wellness is an important cornerstone of what we stand for at Meijer," Meijer lead dietician and healthy living adviser Shari Steinbach said. "NuVal has been a great partner for many years, offering a simple tool that helps shoppers make healthier food choices. We're excited to offer team members an opportunity to engage with NuVal in a fun and informative way that will help them make healthy changes in their lives."

All team members were required to get verified weigh-ins at a Meijer pharmacy or at the company's Grand Rapids, Mich., headquarters. The competition began on March 1 and lasts through late May and includes weekly activities through an internal portal that allows team members to win prizes for participating whether they've received a verified weigh-in or not. Through that portal, they will have access to weight loss strategies, NuVal tips for healthy eating and a feature that allows them to track their daily eating habits and exercise, as well as weekly newsletters with health and wellness ideas.

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