Medline promotes use of BioMask facemask to protect against flu

MUNDELEIN, Ill. — Following last week's news that the influenza season has gotten off to an early start, Medline issued a release recommending the company's BioMask facemask as adequate protection against contracting the flu.

BioMask is a Food and Drug Administration-cleared antiviral medical facemask that has been found to inactivate flu viruses — including the H3N2, this year’s dominant strain — as well as other laboratory-tested flu viruses, the company reported. “BioMask should be one of the most important items in any home’s medicine cabinet or traveling first-aid kit right alongside hand antiseptics, adhesive bandages, alcohol pads, tape and exam gloves,” stated Lorri Downs VP clinical services, infection prevention and patient safety for Medline. “BioMask can help protect patients who are at home and especially at-risk groups, such as children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with compromised immunities, as well as healthcare workers.”

According to the company, BioMask inactivates 99.99% of the tested flu viruses on five minutes contact. 

BioMask is sold under Medline’s Curad brand name.

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