MediSafe Project app boosts adherence rates

January study found similar adherence rates

HAIFA, Israel — Self-reported medication adherence rates increased among Type 2 diabetes patients using a mobile app, the maker of the app said Monday.

MediSafe Project said it reviewed adherence rates among Type 2 diabetic users of its app, finding compliance rates at least 26% higher than the generate rate for long-term diabetes therapies, which the World Health Organization reports as 50%. A January 2013 study of the app, which the company launched in November 2012, found similar rates.

"Diabetes is a growing disease that has to be controlled throughout a person's entire life," MediSafe Project CEO Omri Shor said. "With MediSafe Project, diabetic patients can better control their condition, improve health outcomes and help provide peace of mind. When dealing with a chronic disease, convenience and routine are imperative."

The app is described as the first cloud-synced mobile medication reminder. The analysis was based on data from patients using a variety of branded and generic drugs, with the highest rate, 82%, found among users of Merck's Januvia (sitagliptin), followed by users of generic sitagliptin, at 80%.


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