Medicine Shoppe picks CutisPharma's compounding kits

ST. LOUIS Medicine Shoppe has chosen CutisPharma as its preferred vendor for unit-of-use compounding kits.

FIRST-Unit-of-Use Prescription Compounding Kits are designed to help pharmacists, technicians and physicians help benefit their patients. “Our FIRST-Unit-of-Use Prescription Compounding Kits are user-friendly, save compounding time by over 70 percent, and can be compounded by the pharmacist while the patient waits, increasing customer satisfaction and eliminating the need for an extra trip to the pharmacy for the customer,” said Dr. Indu Muni, chairman and chief executive officer of CutisPharma.

CutisPharma currently has nine prescription compounding kits on the market: five strengths of progesterone suppository compounding kits, two testosterone kits, one hydrocortisone kit and one Magic Mouthwash kit. Several more compounding kits are in the planning stages.

About 1 percent of all prescriptions annually, according to the Food and Drug Administration, are compounded.

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