Medi-Dose/EPS intros TampAlerT tamper-evident cap for ENfit syringes

IVYLAND, Pa. — Medi-Dose/EPS, which works to improve medication and reduce errors, has a new product for pharmacists to help protect against drug diversion and misuse with ENfit syringes.

The TampAlerT Enfit syringe cap works with the company’s standard and low-dose ENFit syringes. When the colored outer sleeve is detached or missing, it is immediately evident, and the cap cannot be reinstalled.

“The new ENFit connector standard for enteral feeding devices is a welcomed feature for mitigating potential misconnections,” Medi-Dose/EPS president Bob Braverman said. “Our ENFit Compliant and Compatible product line helps pharmacy and all those involved with the safe handling of enteral medication reduce this risk.”  

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