MedFolio launches electronic pillbox to improve patient adherence

SAN FRANCISCO — MedFolio, a medical technology firm founded by a pharmacist, announced this week the availability of a new wireless electronic pillbox designed to help patients improve medication adherence.

The new wireless MedFolio device syncs medication adherence reports to a secure online cloud server that allows caregivers, family members and healthcare professionals — upon being granted access — to monitor whether medications are being taken as prescribed or to detect any problematic patterns.

For patients with active lifestyles, MedFolio's Wireless Electronic Pillbox can email and text medication reminders to patients who often don't take time for their pills and other medication. And for stay-at-home patients, there is a unique audio and visual (LED) system to alert the patient to their next dosage of medications. 

Accurate reporting of a patient's adherence helps healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care specific to each patient’s needs. And accurate weekly reporting of home medication adherence provides peace of mind to children of aging parents as well as other loved ones living apart who are unable to monitor adherence or administer care in person.

The MedFolio Electronic Pillbox is portable and sleek. The company bills it as a medication management tool of the 21st century with its ability to access medical information remotely, share medication records and accurately track medication adherence.

Company president and veteran pharmacist Julie Fulmer-Mason recently said, "We are excited with the innovative developments of our pillbox technology and the direction we are headed for in 2013. We are still very much committed to individual families who want to effectively manage loved one’s medications while they age at home." She added, "However, we are also now looking forward to developing relationships with healthcare organizations and giving them the opportunity to customize our online cloud server to their individual needs so they can remotely track home medication adherence and optimize efforts in reducing readmission rates."


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