Medela launches Calma breastmilk feeding system into mass, specialty

MCHENRY, Ill. — The Calma breastmilk feeding system from Medela, which helps emulate the breastfeeding experience for babies, is now available in major national retail stores, Medela announced Thursday. Calma is a research-based nipple used with a BPA-free breastmilk bottle, designed to help babies maintain their natural feeding behavior and transition from bottle back to breast with ease.

With Calma, breastmilk flows when babies create a vacuum so they can feed, pause and breathe — which mimics their feeding behavior at the breast. As a result, Calma's unique vacuum technology allows mothers to provide pumped breastmilk to their babies, and easily transition babies back to feeding at the breast.

"The same Calma nipple can be used throughout the entire feeding experience since baby controls the flow," stated Carolin Archibald, president of Medela. "With Calma more conveniently available, it's easier for moms to take advantage of this latest advancement in breastmilk feeding."

Calma is now available in three retail chains around the country — Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and Target — in addition to juvenile specialty stores and online retailers. 



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