MedCenter system features monthly, not weekly pill boxes

CINCINNATI With more and more patients forgetting to take their medications daily, technology has been developed to help these patients remember to take their medications each day and on time. The newest product on the market is the MedCenter System, a reminder system that combines a monthly medication organizer with an alarm clock that verbally reminds users to take their pills.

Unlike most weekly pill boxes, the MedCenter system consists of 31 daily date-specific pill boxes with four compartments so that the users can organize pills by daily dose times. Each day, the user visually matches the day of the months’ box with the clock’s large LCD date. At each dosage time, the talking alarm clock will remind the user to take his medication.

Many national retailers are already stocking the new product, ($69.95), including Kroger pharmacies. In addition, it’s available online at or More product information is available online

“As my parents begin to age and their medications increased in number, they needed reminders to make certain that they took them properly,” said the inventor Martin Cooper. “The MedCenter system gives my brothers and me peace of mind that Mom and Dad are taking their medication properly.”

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