Medagate's health card combines incentives with functionality

Programs incentivizing health care won't be effective if they're not intuitive and easy to use. That's why Medagate's MasterCard Dual Value Health Card, which enables employers and health plans to combine a member/employee healthcare funding purse with a restricted-spend purse for targeted items and incentives, is so important.

It enables that OTC value to be realized at the point of sale. "Effective participation in wellness programs requires advanced functionality and deeper levels of member engagement," said Devin Wade, CEO of Medagate. "The drive toward rewarding healthy behavior will be accommodated by a new generation of customizable payment tools linked to familiar debit and prepaid cards that provide instant rewards and discounts at the point of sale," he said. "Our experience in Medicare and Medicaid markets has shown that the availability of a targeted benefit can have a measurable impact on health behavior."

The OTC applications can range from supplementing the purchase of prenatal vitamins to smoking-cessation products. Retailers and benefit providers also can offer coupons or special promotions to specific populations — for example, known allergy sufferers on the first day of hay fever season. Funds and items on defined contribution and controlled spend lists can be reloaded and redefined at any time.

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