Meals to Heal available through Walgreens

NEW YORK — Meals to Heal on Thursday announced that it is working with Walgreens to provide Meals to Heal services to cancer patients and others with chronic conditions in accessing customized nutritional meals and nutrition support services.

“By providing affordable access to Meals to Heal’s convenient, easy-to-use meal delivery solution, we are helping both patients and caregivers maintain wellness and peace of mind during their, and their loved one’s, time of illness,” stated Susan Bratton, CEO, Meals to Heal. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Walgreens, one of the pre-eminent health and wellness companies in the world, and believe that their patient care goals are synergistic with Meals to Heal’s mission of making easier and less stressful the lives of people with chronic conditions and their caregivers.”

Meals to Heal provides home delivery of individually customized meals in the 48 contiguous United States as well as other nutritional resources including telephonic nutritional counseling by a team of oncology-credentialed registered dietitians and safe, evidence-based nutrition information and resources. The company’s meals include heart healthy and diabetic friendly options and are appropriate for patients with cancer and other chronic conditions and who need assistance with meal preparation due to fatigue and lack of energy.

Meals to Heal’s weekly nutrition solutions are available for order on at a 10% discounted price.




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