McNeil recalls one lot of Tylenol

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. McNeil Consumer Healthcare has pulled a lot of Tylenol off the market, following complaints of a musty odor.

McNeil said the uncharacteristic odor is thought to be caused by the presence of trace amounts of a chemical called 2,4,6-tribromoanisole. The lot of Tylenol 8-Hour, 50-count bottles are part of lot number BCM155 and carry the following UPC code: 3 0045-0297-51 8.

Earlier this month, McNeil's parent company, Johnson & Johnson, addressed its "phantom recall" of McNeil's Motrin products before a House committee, adding that its recalled over-the-counter products soon would repopulate shelves. McNeil also shuttered its Fort Washington, Pa., plant amid the controversy.

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