McNeil rebrands Advanced Imodium Multi-Symptom Relief

FOR WASHINGTON, Pa. McNeil Consumer Healthcare on Thursday rebranded its Imodium Advanced Imodium Multi-Symptom Relief to better position the brand as the fastest anti-diarrheal medicine that also relieves symptoms of gas, cramps, bloating and pressure.

Imodium Multi-Symptom Relief combines loperamide hydrochloride with simethicone for relief of diarrhea, as well as the gas, cramps, bloating and pressure that nearly 65 percent of diarrhea sufferers can also experience. Loperamide HCl works in the small and large intestines by slowing the increased motility and reducing the increased secretion of fluid and electrolytes that occur with diarrhea. Simethicone acts in the stomach and intestines by altering the surface tension of gas and mucus bubbles, enabling them to group together. This action accelerates the passage of gas through the intestine.

Acute diarrhea is the second most commonly reported illness in the United States after respiratory infections. Diarrhea affects people of all ages, with the average adult suffering four bouts of acute diarrhea per year, and 22 million people reporting experiencing diarrhea at least once a month. Acute diarrhea also affects the travel plans of up to 10 million travelers each year.

Common causes of acute diarrhea include many medications, food intolerance, excessive caffeine or alcohol consumption and premenstrual syndrome.

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