McNeil continues commitment to Tylenol Smiling It Forward campaign

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. — According to a survey conducted by Mom Central in partnership with McNeil Consumer Healthcare, many moms feel ill-equipped to manage the discomfort that comes along with many childhood "firsts." Moms agree that their newborn baby's first fever and teething issues were the top two most challenging moments when taking care of their newborn. And when seeking advice about early milestones, 64% of moms turn to their family and 82% of moms say they are most likely to turn to their pediatrician.
"Aches and pains are an inevitable part of childhood," stated Tanya Altmann, Tylenol Smiling It Forward spokeswoman. "As a mom and a pediatrician, I know it's important to know how to ease the potential discomfort that might come their way," she said. "There are a host of smiles throughout childhood that are worth celebrating ­ but there's something special about the smile that comes after a fever breaks or pain has been relieved. I'm excited to continue to partner with the Tylenol Smiling It Forward team, to help moms across the country achieve and celebrate their child's 'feel better' smile through various milestones."
Dedicated to the health of families across the country, McNeil Consumer started the Smiling It Forward program in 2013 to help bring children in need the healthcare they deserve, through support of Children's Health Fund.  Once again, parents can upload photos of their growing children at, and a $1 donation will be made to the organization, up to $100,000. 
"We're thankful for the continued support of Tylenol and for all the moms who share their child's smile and help ensure that a doctor's visit is within reach for children in need," commented Karen Redlener, executive director of Children's Health Fund.
"Tylenol is committed to achieving and celebrating the smiles of healthy children around the world, and we're proud to continue our partnership with Dr. Tanya and Children's Health Fund to help make that vision a reality," shared Manoj Raghunandanan, senior director for the Tylenol Brand at McNeil Consumer Healthcare. "Over 10,000 infant smiles were shared last year, and we look forward to continuing to see all of the 'feel better' smiles of children as they grow."
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