McKesson Specialty Health’s OncologyRx Care Advantage obtains $40 million in patient aid

THE WOODLANDS, Texas — OncologyRx Care Advantage, McKesson Specialty Health’s oral oncology products specialty pharmacy, on Monday announced that they have assisted under-insured patients in obtaining $40 million in financial assistance by helping them access financial assistance programs.

“Without this financial support, most of these patients simply would not be able to obtain the medication they need to continue treatment," said Larry Whisenant, director of Specialty Pharmacy Operations, OncologyRx Care Advantage. 

By working directly with various charitable foundations, the Care Advantage patient advocate team has obtained drug co-pay assistance for nearly 9,000 cancer patients over the last seven years. “Care Advantage has a strong focus and commitment to oncology and cancer patients that go beyond dispensing medications,” said John Helfrich, director of business development, OncologyRx Care Advantage. “We want to do everything we can to help patients adhere to their therapy and get the support they need if they can’t afford to pay for their medications on their own.”

Care Advantage Specialty Pharmacy provides patients with convenient home delivery of oral therapies and additional support for the safe use of these oral medications. The pharmacy’s team of specialists — including pharmacists, oncology certified nurses and patient advocates — provides patient support that includes proactive monitoring of compliance; supporting adherence through education, which can help with side effect management; and seeking access for co-pay assistance through various cancer foundations.



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