Mayne Pharma launches Fabior, Sorilux

GREENVILLE, N.C. — Mayne Pharma on Wednesday announced the launch of Fabior (tazarotene, 0.1%) Foam and Sorilux (calcipotiene, 0.005%) Foam. Mayne Pharma acquired the products from GSK in August 2016, and they complement the company’s Doryx, the first branded product in its specialty brands division that it launched in 2015. 
Fabior is a foam product indicated to ttreat acne, and it part of the single active retinoid market, which sees 5 million prescriptions written annually. The company said the market for Fabior is larger than then the oral antibiotic acne market Mayne Pharma’s Doryx participates in. 
Sorilux is indicated for topical treatment of plaque psoriasis of the scalp and body, which affects as many as $6 million Americans annually and is part of the single active vitamin D market, which sees half a million prescriptions written every year.
“Both Fabior and Sorilux are a great strategic fit with the existing Doryx franchise and participate in attractive and growing markets. Both products are well differentiated with compelling clinical data that physicians and patients will appreciate,” Mayne Pharma CEO Scott Richards said. “The foam delivery platform has a well-established reputation with dermatologists due to ease of application, especially in hair-bearing areas and under clothing. With a focused and sustained marketing effort, we can further support the needs of patients and dermatologists and these products will become important treatment options for people with acne and plaque psoriasis.”
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