Maybelline's Carpenter becomes Smith & Vandiver vp of sales

WATSONVILLE, Calif. Former Maybelline executive Ron Carpenter has joined Smith & Vandiver, a maker of natural skin care and bath products, as vice president of sales.

Carpenter began his career in international strategic business development for Mary Kay Corp. before becoming the director of international finance and operations for Maybelline, and later on their regional director of Latin America. He moved on to become the managing director for Europe and Asia for Freeman Labs/Dial Corp./Sarah Michael’s-Freeman Cosmetics, and the international managing director for Solar Cosmetics Labs.

Smith & Vandiver has three major brands: Skin Nutrition with Phytomins, which focuses on natural, skin-nourishing ingredients; Aromatherapeas, which blends aromatherapy with all-natural ingredients; and New Leaf Organics, which is certified organic.

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