Max-Wellness teams up with Lake Health to launch Mini-Max

Store concept helps further recovery of patients

CLEVELAND — Wellness retailer Max-Wellness on Tuesday partnered with Lake Health, a private not-for-profit community healthcare provider in northeast Ohio, for a summer 2011 launch of its unique Mini-Max store concept.

Mini-Max is a smaller-format Max-Wellness store specifically designed to be located within hospitals and rehabilitation centers to provide health-and-wellness products needed to further a patient’s recovery after leaving the hospital. The approximately 600-sq.-ft. Mini-Max is a smaller footprint compared with Max-Wellness’ traditional retail stores in Sarasota, Naples and Cleveland. The stores also feature other wellness products of interest to the hospital’s visitors and employees.

“This new concept will assist Lake Health patients to further their recovery and rehabilitation after discharge, as well as provide products that promote wellness,” stated Cynthia Moore-Hardy, Lake Health president and CEO.

Max-Wellness will collaborate with the healthcare professionals at Lake Health to provide a relevant offering of products for head-to-toe care tailored to the needs of patients at the provider's West Medical Center. Max-Wellness advocates, who will staff the Mini-Max, will provide assistance to the patient, caregiver or family members in selecting products the patient needs for continuing care and improving the patient’s general wellness.

Lake Health operates two acute care hospitals, along with 13 healthcare sites, including urgent care and physical therapy locations in Lake County, Ohio, near Cleveland.

As another convenience for patients and visitors in the hospital, Max-Wellness anticipates adding another concept known as “Wellness-in-a-Box,” a computerized dispensing device that features key health-and-wellness products — much like a vending machine — at which customers can make purchases at any time.

“This allows wellness products to be available at other locations within a hospital, near adjacent or nearby medical office areas of the hospital and outside the Mini-Max during non-store business hours,” Max-Wellness CEO Michael Feuer said. “‘Wellness-in-a-Box’ dispensers are also slated to be introduced in urgent care centers, senior living facilities and airports with merchandise customized to meet the specific needs of customers in the venue where the self-service wellness center is located.”

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