Matrixx launches Xcid exclusively at Wal-Mart

PHOENIX Matrixx entered the digestives space exclusively with Wal-Mart last week with its launch of Xcid, Carl Johnson, president and chief executive officer, told analysts attending the Roth Capital Partners 20th Annual OC Growth Stock Conference on Wednesday.

The product contains two active ingredients—calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide—and is formulated as a rich and creamy formula that’s similar to a dessert-like mousse, Johnson said. “Consumer research has [found] there’s a five-to-one preference for our product versus existing tablets like Tums or existing liquids like Maloxx.”

Wal-Mart will have the brand exclusively for the first several months as Matrixx better gauges the potential for the product, Johnson said. “We probably are thinking today it’s somewhere between a $5 million and $10 million opportunity for the company, but we’ll know better after we have a few months of sales data with Wal-Mart. But obviously when you get the No. 1 retailer in the United States excited about it, that gets us excited and optimistic that this will be a good addition to the company.”

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