Matrixx Initiatives gives Zicam a makeover with design firm Beardwood&Co

NEW YORK — Matrixx Initiatives partnered with design firm Beardwood&Co on the redesign of Zicam Cold Remedy, which was unveiled Wednesday. 

“We helped define [the pre-cold] segment,” noted Julia Beardwood, Beardwood&Co principal. “But, to be successful, we had to help consumers quickly sort through this myriad of products in the cold aisle and understand what Zicam is and when to take it.” 

To help educate consumers the packaging features a Pre-Cold seal in the shape of a bulls-eye as a unifying element that communicates preparedness and reassurance. The main benefit statement: “Reduces the Duration of a Cold” is prominently displayed under the bulls-eye. Zicam’s equities: the bold orange color, and blue on white brand identity were retained and enhanced for a more efficacious and modern feel, Beardwood noted. 

“The Pre-Cold seal is a big advantage for our brand,” commented Leslie Molloy, SVP marketing, Zicam. “It positions us as leaders in this category with a strong central unifying element that has badge value for consumers and empowers them to do something when they feel the first signs of a cold. We are extending this element across all our marketing platforms including online, in-store displays and our advertising campaign.” 

The Zicam product line includes 15 sku’s including Rapidmelt tablets, chewables, liquid lozenges, crystals packets and oral mist. The redesigned packages are currently rolling out nationwide, the company stated. 

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