Mars releases premium versions of familiar candies

McLEAN, Va. Mars has announced the release of variations on several of its best-known candies. The candy items will be rolled out to stores by the end of the year.

First in line, Dove tablet bars are getting new packaging. The new “large bars” will include three individually wrapped pieces in a resealable pack. Six new flavors join the premium Dove premium tablets collection in a new, larger package. Dove tablet flavors include blueberry almond, cranberry almond, dark chocolate with roasted almond, extra creamy milk chocolate, peanut toffee crunch and roasted hazelnut. Each of the large tablet packages (3.53 oz.) retails at $1.99.

Taking the chocolate experience beyond the candy bar format, Dove is also adding chocolate dessert medallions to its list of premium chocolate creations. Dove Desserts Bananas Foster and Dove Desserts Tiramisu will debut in mid-June 2008. The Bananas Foster flavor is banana/caramel flavor-filled milk chocolate while the Tiramisu variety are lady-fingers-and-cream-flavored and dipped in dark chocolate. Retail price is $2.99 for a 5.8 oz. recloseable stand-up carton.

M & Ms is releasing a line of premium chocolate candies wrapped in iridescent colors and sold in recloseable cartons. M&M’S Premiums flavors include chocolate almond, mint chocolate, mocha, raspberry almond (with white chocolate) and triple chocolate, with layers of white, milk and dark chocolates. M & Ms Premiums retail at $3.99 for a 6 oz. package.

Expanding the Snickers chocolate bar family, Mars is adding a new flavor, Snickers Rockin’ Nut Road, to its lineup. Snickers Rockin’ Nut Road is dark chocolate lined with caramel, and filled with almonds and marshmallow nougat. Rockin’ Nut Road bars will debut in stores in September.

And to expand on its non-chocolate candies, Mars is launching Starburst Gummibursts, arriving in stores spring 2008. Each Starburst Gummiburst has a chewy, gummy exterior and is filled with a juicy liquid fruit center. The flavors of Starburst Gummibursts include cherry, lemon, orange and strawberry. Single packs are prices at $0.79 and 6 oz. bags at $1.49.

All of the new Mars candies will be available at mass, grocery, convenience and drug stores nationwide.

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