Marketer of Method, EOS, Help Remedies and Hello profiled in AdAge blog

NEW YORK — Craig Dubitsky, known for helping to bring to market such brands as Method, EOS and Help Remedies, and more recently Hello oral care products, was characterized as a giant killer in a blog published by AdAge Monday.  

"He's a small part of a big movement — an insurgent group of digitally enabled entrepreneurs gnawing away at the dominance of multibillion-dollar brands and their giant marketing budgets," wrote Jack Neff, who covers personal products for AdAge

"Individually, none of those brands [brought to market by Dubitsky] pose an existential threat to the behemoths of packaged goods," Neff noted. "Collectively, they and many more like them are having a big impact. Small and midsize firms took 1.6 share points, or nearly $10 billion in sales, from the packaged-goods behemoths over three post-recession years from 2009 to 2012, according to a report from IRI and Boston Consulting Group."

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