Marcal's Small Steps package now includes Environmental Facts panel

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J. A new feature can be found on the front of Marcal's Small Steps packaging.

The paper towels now will include a nutrition facts-style Environmental Facts panel detailing information like recycled paper content (100%), how much chlorine bleach was used for whitening (0%) and use of chemical-based additives like fragrances and dyes (0%). It is the first of its category to include the panel. The Environmental Facts panel spearheads Marcal's Right to Know initiative, geared to help consumers navigate green product claims and manufacturing practices.

"The Environmental Facts panel grew out of our discussions with consumers, who are consistently shocked to learn 98% of household paper goods are made by cutting down trees, even with today's blue bin recycling," said MJ Jolda, Marcal's SVP marketing.  "It helped us realize shoppers wanting to make better choices need better information."

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