Many seniors are satisfied with Medicare Rx benefit, survey shows

WASHINGTON The Medicare prescription drug benefit continues to enjoy strong support among the country’s seniors, according to a survey by KRC Research.

The survey, commissioned by the Medicare Today coalition, polled 1,243 beneficiaries, of whom 84% expressed satisfaction with their coverage and 80% said their premiums and co-payments were affordable.

At the same time, around 80% remained unaware that eligible beneficiaries whose drug spending places them in the “doughnut hole” will start receiving a 50% discount on branded drugs starting next year.

“Seniors on limited incomes need to plan their spending and budget their resources, and it’s important they know about these changes,” Healthcare Leadership Council president and Medicare Today co-chair Mary Grealy said. “Congress and the nation’s pharmaceutical companies have taken significant steps to reduce out-of-pocket spending for these ‘doughnut hole’ seniors, and we need to raise awareness of these changes.”

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