Many patients feel 'overwhelmed' by diabetes management, lack personal care plans, Meijer survey finds

Retailer offers resources for diabetes patients

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Half of people with diabetes feel overwhelmed in managing their disease and diet, according to a new survey conducted by Meijer.

The mass merchandise retailer announced Tuesday the results of a survey in the five states it serves, finding that those feeling overwhelmed with disease management don't have a personal care plan to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The survey included people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, as well as prediabetes, a condition of heightened blood sugar in which a person is at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile, nearly 90% of respondents could not fully identify the complications that can result from poor management of diabetes, like cardiovascular disease and blindness.

Meijer has launched a new section of its website for diabetes patients,, as part of American Diabetes Month, as part of a partnership with the American Diabetes Association. The web page provides customers with diabetes resources, such as a risk-assessment test and information on nutrition, exercise and medication management to help create personal care plans.

"While the challenges of managing diabetes or being at risk for the disease can sometimes seem overwhelming, there are many places consumers can turn to get answers to their questions, like your local pharmacist," Meijer drug store VP Nat Love said. "Nearly 40% of those surveyed told us that, in addition to regular doctor visits, they are more willing to talk with pharmacists and find that walk-in clinical services are convenient for getting extra support in developing their personal care plans for diabetes."

The chain is highlighting its services for diabetes patients, like specially trained diabetes pharmacists, free metformin for patients with prescriptions, assistance with Medicare Part B changes, glucose and health screenings and dieticians who can offer advice on diabetes-friendly foods and recipes.


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brasfieldl says

I work as a school nurse and see first hand how overwhelming diabetes management is for students (of any age) and their families. It is evident also that the more resources available to the family, the more successful they can be with the management. We live in a rural area and have fewer resources than those in urban areas. The pharmacist is a very important part of the team and I applaud your efforts to provide an added resource to these families. You did mention another resource that is very important and that is the dietitian. Unfortunately, our students and their families rarely utilize that resource due to cost and required travel (usually out of town). I hope that your work will continue into other states. Thank you, Leslie Brasfield, RN, BSN

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