MannKind presents Afrezza study at scientific meeting

ORLANDO, Fla. An inhaled insulin made by MannKind for patients with Type 2 diabetes provides glycemic control comparable to standard treatments, but with less weight gain, according to results of a study the company will present Saturday at a scientific meeting.

MannKind will present the study of Afrezza (insulin human [rDNA origin]) at a special symposium co-hosted by medical journal The Lancet and the American Diabetes Association at the ADA’s 70th annual Scientific Sessions. The study also will appear in the June 26 issue of The Lancet. The study compared Afrezza added to basal insulin with standard insulin therapy in adult patients with Type 2 diabetes to assess its ability to control post-meal blood sugar levels.

“Insulin therapy is often a delayed strategy in patients with Type 2 diabetes because it is associated with weight gain, hypoglycemia and the need for subcutaneous injections,” Diabetes Control Foundation executive and study co-author Daniel Lorber said. “Our findings show that mealtime Afrezza, in combination with once-daily injected glargine, provides equivalent glucose control with fewer injections, less hypoglycemia and less weight gain than does twice-a-day premixed insulin.”

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