MannKind: Afrezza works just as effectively as competing diabetes drugs in trial

VALENCIA, Calif. An investigational insulin made by MannKind works at least as well in patients with Type 1 diabetes as the standard therapy, MannKind said Thursday.

The drug maker said a 16-week clinical trial showed that the fast-acting inhaled mealtime insulin Afrezza (insulin human [rDNA origin]) combined with basal insulin worked as well as Eli Lilly’s injectable Humalog (insulin lispro [rDNA origin]). In addition, MannKind said, patients taking Afrezza showed lower rates of hypoglycemia – or low blood sugar – in after-meal and fasting blood glucose levels than those taking Humalog.

“Effectively controlling blood sugar levels and managing hypoglycemic events go hand in hand as key to successfully treating patients with Type 1 diabetes,” lead study investigator and University of Colorado medical professor Satish Garg said. “Our findings demonstrate that Afrezza may offer a significant advance from current mealtime insulin delivery methods, as it is comparable to the standard of care in glycemic control and provides the additional benefit of lower hypoglycemia rates.”

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