Malt-O-Meal bags the box

MINNEAPOLIS — Malt-O-Meal announced a new program that seeks to educate consumers about how cereal packaging can affect the environment.

Through its Bag The Box initiative, the cereal brand has launched, as well as a blog devoted to the cause, which invites users to view fan-created videos and exchange ideas on sustainable packaging and green initiatives.

"As a company, Malt-O-Meal is always thinking about smarter and more efficient ways to produce great-tasting cereal that is affordable and lessens the impact on the environment," Malt-O-Meal consumer marketing manager Linda Fisher said. "Consumers already purchase a variety of everyday products that are packaged in bags — so why not cereal? Our Bag The Box movement is all about encouraging consumers to not settle for over-packaged cereal and to start making simple changes that are better for the earth."

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