Making OTC an impulse buy

UrgentRx's front-end merchandising creates a strong stop statement to grab the customer's attention.

UrgentRx's fast powder OTC treatments are beginning to show up at the check-stand. As a brand offering, it represents a unique delivery format with unique merchandising opportunities. DSN sought out founder and president Jordan Eisenberg for the details.

DSN: What is the point of differentiation for the line?

Jordan Eisenberg: UrgentRx makes a line of flavored powder OTCs … to treat things ranging from headaches to a heart attack. Because they're flavored powders, you pour them directly into your mouth. They don't need liquid, and they work a lot faster than pills.

DSN: Is this a new purchase opportunity or an alternative to traditional, say, analgesics?

Eisenberg: The whole premise of UrgentRx is that it's an incremental purchase. It is not a cannibalistic purchase; it is actually a supplemental purchase. We are not trying to replace [the OTCs] in your cabinet. … We're really designed for placement at impulse locations in the store.

DSN: How do you help create that impulse purchase excitement?

Eisenberg: What you'll see in our merchandising is we've got a really strong stop statement that says, "Right Now Relief Center." And "Right Now" and "Relief" is very bold to the consumer and really grabs their attention. Then when you look at the actual line of products, you'll see that we carry through this very bold, very "in your face" packaging that the consumer can't help but read.

DSN: We've heard EMS units carry UrgentRx Aspirin. How did that come about?

Eisenberg: I had watched my father, who's in good health but in his 60s, take aspirin wrapped in cellophane and put it in his wallet in case he had a heart attack. If you take aspirin during a heart attack, you're about 23% more likely to survive. But of course heart attacks don't take place while you're standing in a store, but rather while you're out living you're life. … To date, we've saved more than a dozen lives that we know of, but probably many more because we're also now carried on ambulances across the country. Outside of our retail expansion, we've been really successful with the emergency medical side of things. … We're also carried by several airlines, like American Airlines, and pretty much every ski patrol across the country.

DSN: What are your plans for this year?

Eisenberg: We've got some pretty aggressive plans to launch nationally with some major national retailers. We're pretty far down the line, with a number of them looking to roll out probably this summer or early fall. Our goal is to be in 25,000 to 27,000 doors by that time. From there, we have a pretty aggressive marketing campaign that we're spooling up right now to support that distribution.

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