Making it 'mio': Kraft to launch liquid water enhancers

NORTHFIELD, Ill. — As part of its focus to drive growth among product categories, Kraft Foods said that the company is gearing up to introduce new liquid water enhancers.

Kraft Foods North America president, Tony Vernon, said that the company's MiO liquid water enhancers mark its largest beverage brand introduction in a decade. The idea is that with a few droplets, bland water can be transformed into a zero-calorie flavored beverage.

Kraft already has developed a Facebook page for the brand, which will launch nationwide March 7. MiO will be available in six fruity flavors, including berry pomegranate, fruit punch and more.

The company filed for a U.S. federal trademark for the brand name MiO ("mine" in Italian) last August. It received published-for-opposition status on Feb. 2.


- 8:04 PM
Flavor4 says

Kraft has validated Flavor4...which was concieved in 2009. We brought it to market in fall of 2010. Thankfully Flavor4 is healthier than MiO and can be seen at

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