Makers of insulin pumps, glucose monitors modernize design

MINNEAPOLIS New gadgets are hitting or about to hit the market that will take glucose monitoring into this century, according to

One of these items is a, Paradigm Real-Time System, a glucose monitor made by Medtronic. The device attaches to a patients’ belt, which is connected to a needle that is lodged in the skin of the abdomen. The monitor measures the levels up to 288 times per day.

Another diabetes testing unit is called the GlucoPhone; the Food and Drug Administration recently approved it. The glucose meter attaches to some LG electronics and Motorola phones. The phone displays the results after the patient inserts a strip into it.

The move for these new innovative products came as a way to satisfy customers and increase proper diabetic testing. A recent study by Italian researchers showed that patients using the PRT System experienced 70 percent less therapy-related dissatisfaction than those who repeatedly inject themselves.

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